Burnouts & Drifting




Burnout Categories
4's, 6's, 8's, Rotaries, Bikes, Ladies ...



Spectators  ~  $10
Burnout competitors ~ $25 includes admission




Drifting, run by the SR20 Club- contact Tyre Select on (07)33456911, booking essential- all cars welcome!




2004 Dates

February 1
March 21
April 25
June 27
October 10

December 19

[Subject to change. Please confirm all dates.]





Sunday Gates Open ~ 11.30am

Start Time ~ 1.00pm




Run what ya brung !!

General rules for Burnouts

  • Email address for the burnouts-
  • Drivers will be required to sign an indemnity form
  • Cars do not need to be road registered
  • Unregistered must not be driven to the track or in the pit area
  • No wheel weights or dress rims or hub caps
  • Seat belts and covered shoes are compulsory
  • Helmet and neck to wrist to ankle non-flammable clothing are compulsory (sloppy joe and jeans ok)
  • Front brakes are required as a minimum
  • No alcohol to be consumed by driver on the day of the burnouts
  • Drivers must be over 16 years of age and hold a current drivers license
  • All modified vehicles must have 360 degree tailshaft loop
  • Judges will award points for:
    - Instant smoke
    - Constant smoke
    - Crowd response
    - Movement on the pad
  • Judges decision is final